Soudabond Subfloor

Soudabond Subfloor is a ready-to-use, single component, high strength, fast curing polyurethane adhesive that collapses to a gel immediately after dispensing. It is used for clean, efficient and economical permanent subfloor bonding in building and construction. Soudabond Subfloor does not contain CFC’s or HCFC’s.

Features & Benefits
  • One can of Soudabond Subfloor replaces at least 12 cartridges of construction adhesive
  • Saves headaches from squeaky floor call backs
  • Saves application time by 75%
  •  Save money over the use of traditional adhesives
  • Excellent initial bond, even at low temperatures
  • Substantial space and weight savings compared to traditional adhesives
  • Limited post expansion for fast and precise installation of subfloors
  • Does not age or rot, mold and mildew resistant
  • Water resistant
  • 100% solvent-free
  • Adheres to wet or frozen timber.
  • Tested according to ASTM E 84 and ASTM D3498
  • Bonding of all common types of subfloor to metal and timber joists / beams
  • Other horizontal construction adhesive applications

Item CodeSizeColourunits/box
137642836 mLChampagne12
1195591 meter1
106310500 mLClear


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