Waterproof PU Adhesive

Waterproof PU Adhesive expands slightly during curing to fill gaps and has an extremely high strength, rigid once cured. It will set hard in about 3 hours and even bonds to wet surfaces. Excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals.

Features & Benefits
  • Fast strength build up
  • Water resistant D4
  • Very high strength (>10MPa)
  • Short clamp time of 3 hour
  • Has long open time of 15 min

Waterproof PU Adhesive can be used to bond most types of wood (soft, hard) laminate, polystyrene foam, PU foam and glass wool to porous surfaces. Also adheres to metal, stone, ceramics, porcelain, glass, concrete, brick, masonry and most plastics (Not PE, PP). Typical areas of use include window and door frames, wood jointing and construction, staircases, ladders, boat building, general household repair, hobby use and much, much more. Interior applications with frequent long-term exposure to running or condensed water. Exterior applications with full exposure to weather influences. Manufacturing of door and window-frames that need to meet class D4 according to EN204.


Item CodeSizeColourunits/box
130318750 grambrown6