Multi Tool


Easy to use universal scraper to remove old sealant joints. Made out of special material to avoid damage to the surface. Indispensable to start the preparation of the surface you want to seal

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Safety Cutter


Opening a cartridge in a twist and clipping the nozzle in the right width without an effort? No problem with the Safety cutter which contains a specially developed cutting and clipping tool. Indispensable to start the preparation of the cartridge

safetycutter2  safetycutter1

Swipex Wipes

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Ideal to remove all fresh sealants, adhesives and foam from surfaces, hands and tools. It also removes grease and oil. The formula contains skin conditioning agents to avoid excessive skin dehydration.Fast and permanent removal of fresh, non-cured remains of adhesive and sealants.  Cleans uncured sealant from tools, hands and materials. Safe to use. Dissolves fresh and uncured adhesives and sealants (Silicone, Hybrid Polymer, PU, Acrylic, etc) as well as PU-Foam, all paints, including automotive, etc. Cleaning of dirty working tables and surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Contains powerful solvents and detergents
Compact packaging
Ready to use
Fast removable
Easy and safe for skin


Swipex Hand Cleaner

Soudal Swipex Hand Cleaner is a highly effective hand-cleaner with microgranules, specially designed to remove stubborn dirt from hands. Suitable for glue, silicone, polyurethane foam, paint and oil. Contains Sericin with moisturizing effect that keeps the skin soft.
– Suitable for cleaning of hands
– Excellent cleaning properties
– Contains skin caring products
– Contains abrasive microgranules
– Not antibacterial


Polyurethane Expanding Foam Remover 100ml

PU Foam Remover 100ml

Polyurethane Expanding Foam Remover is a ready to use gel for the easy removal of all remains of cured PU Foam
– Very active
– Odourless
– Free of (aromatic) hydrocarbons
– Easily biodegradable
– Economic and easy to apply
PU Remover easily removes all cured PU Foam residues on non porous surfaces such as plastics, metals, PVC etc.




Silicone Remover 100ml

Silicone Remover 100ml

SILICONE REMOVER is a ready to use gel based on natural solvents. It is used to remove polymerized sealants like silicones, MS-polymers, Acrylics and polybutenes.
− quick action
− does not drip
− pleasant citric smell
− removal of old sealants from different substrates
− Removal and cleaning of old joints before resealing
− removal of sealant stains

Finishing Solution


Making sure you get a smooth joint is no problem anymore with Soudal Joint Finish. Just spray the solution on the joint and smooth with the Soudaglatt. A smooth joint is guaranteed after using Soudal Joint Finish

Finishing solution



Smoothening a joint is very hard to do without using the correct tool. Soudal has created a perfect solution: Soudaglatt.



Soudal Flooring Trowels

German quality spreaders made by Pajarito
Large toothed N°11 for larger types of timber & parquet floor boards (more than 60x300mm)
Small toothed N°3 for smaller types of timber & parquet floor boards (less than 60x300mm)



 Soudal 45O nozzles screw on first to the cartridge then the standard nozzle or Extra Long Nozzles to allow extra reach for difficult to access areas.
 Soudal Extra Long nozzles and 175mm long and allow extra reach for difficult to access areas.
 Always handy to have some spare nozzles at hand. The Soudal Cartridge Nozzles have the perfect shape to apply the silicone as perfectly as possible.The Soudal Cartridge Nozzles are equipped with a cap to keep the silicone sealant from curing in the nozzle
 The Soudal Twisty Cartridge Nozzles are equipped with a part you can twist so it is possible to seal in a corner without moving your sealant gun.