REliable Fire Retarding Solutions

Soudafoam FR Gun Grade

Product Description
Soudafoam Gun FR is a one-component, fire retarding, self-expanding, ready to use PU foam, which contains propellants who are not harmful for the ozone layer. Soudafoam FR is a PU foam with fire retardant characteristics according to the Aust Standard AS1530.4-2005 and European standard EN 1366-4. It is fitted with Soudal’s revolutionary new Duravalve which ensures longer shelf life, non-clogging and higher yield per can
Features & Benefits

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  • Non shrink, no post expansion
  • Fire retardant up to 240 mins
  • High filling capacity
  • Good adhesion on all surfaces
  • High insulation value, thermal and acoustic
Perfect for the fast filling and insulating of cavities, openings, and gaps in all types of building materials. Fire and smoke retardant sealant between walls, floors and ceilings. Installation of fireproof doors and windows. Excellent acoustic properties

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet