Specialized Glazing Silicone

Specialized Glazing Silicone


A premium, architectural grade, neutral cure silicone has been developed for high demand glazing & weathersealing applications. Has excellent UV stability, is weatherproof and non-slump.

Features & Benefits
  • Very easy to apply
  • Colourfast and UV resistant
  • Permanently elastic after curing
  • Excellent adhesion properties on glass, laminated glass, coated aluminium, glavanized steel, concrete, masonry, etc
  • Low modulus
  • Corrosion free
  • Ideal for – weathersealing of facade elements and glass curtain walls
  • Weatherproof sealing around structuallry glazed window panels
  • All usual building joints with high movement
  • All glazing and joint works
  • Expansion joints between many different construction materials
  • Sealing between PVC, treated wooden and metal profiles and glass
  • Fin glazing
  • Compatible with double glazed system applications based on polysulphides and silicones
  • Sealing of laminated glass, splashbacks, toughened glass and curtain walls
  • Compatible with PVB-film

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (Clear)
Safety Data Sheet
VOC Certificate