Self Leveling Compounds

Pour & Level

Pour & Level is an internal and external self-leveling cementitious underlayment, specifically formulated for preparation of concrete sub-floors prior to the laying of floor coverings. The specially selected cements and polymers contained in Pour & Level produces a fast setting underlayment with exceptional adhesion to most flooring materials. Ideally suited and compatible with Soudal timber flooring adhesives.
Features & Benefits:
– Fast setting
– Self-smoothing
– Internal & external
– Feather edge to 50mm thick
– Covers 12m2 at 1mm thick
Apply Pour & Level to the primed substrate using a screed bar or trowel to give the required thickness. Maximum thickness applied in any one application can be up to 50mm. Pour & Level has a working time of approximately 10 minutes. Do not attempt to rework material after 10 minutes.

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